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Why Engage Pro?

40% of New Zealand businesses don't ask for help and service providers find it hard to get found, let's refer them.

97% of businesses in New Zealand employ from zero to 50 employees and create 25% national domestic product approximately, 3% of businesses are corporate companies that generate 75% of New Zealand's productivity.

Globally, a small minority of corporate companies also produce the majority of the world's production therefore our world economy is also vulnerable and at risk until we grow businesses with up to 500 employees worldwide. 

This is why Engage Pro provides one-to-one appointments completely free for any business and our high quality assessment coordinators give an impartial perspective and complimentary guidance then refer different service providers without any obligation to engage whatsoever.

Corporate companies are incredibly efficient and effective, they have fantastic products, systems and processes as well as brands. Service providers know how to apply business growth, marketing and innovation techniques from corporates to businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

When businesses start to emulate corporate companies then our economy will be endurable, resilient and maximise return on investment for people.

Register any service free instantly.

Businesses pay Engage Pro, we deduct 10% from total engagement fee and transfer balance to service providers.