Why Engage Pro?

40% of New Zealand companies don't ask for help and service businesses are hard to find, let's refer them.

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  1. Trust. We refer service businesses that are trustworthy and there is absolutely no obligation for companies to engage whatsoever.
  2. Growth. Service businesses grow companies and people since team development also maximises return on investment.
  3. Support. We meet with companies and provide initial guidance then refer service businesses, it's what our assessment coordinators love to do.
  4. Transparency. Companies know how much total service engagement fee is, when it starts and finishes as well as what the outcomes are upfront.
  5. Professional. Companies respect service people, they are supportable and interact productively so this experience is enjoyable for everyone.

Purpose and Vision

97% of companies in New Zealand employ from zero to 50 employees and create 25% national domestic product approximately, 3% are corporate organisations that generate 75% of New Zealand's total productivity.

Globally, a small minority of corporate organisations also produce the majority of the world's production therefore the global economy is actually quite vulnerable and at risk as well until we grow companies with up to 500 employees worldwide for balance long-term within the 21st century.

This is why Engage Pro provides one-to-one appointments completely free for companies, our high quality assessment coordinators provide support and then refer different service businesses with no obligation to proceed.

Corporate organisations are incredibly effective and efficient, they have fantastic products and brands as well as systems and processes. Service businesses know how to implement growth support, market development and innovative techniques from corporate organisations for companies.

When companies start to emulate corporate organisations then economies will be endurable, resilient and maximise return on investment for people.

Register Service Business Free Instantly.

For service businesses with preset engagement prices, duration term and at least two team members as well as that also pay referral fees.