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Case Studies

Business, non-government organisation and charity scenarios.

Retail Company

A multiple site retail company put an employment advert online for a marketing coordinator to help complete their rebrand, which includes working with designers for fresh imagery and word phrases then also posting on social media as well as to coordinate installation for new signage at store locations.

This company could engage a service business instead to put the store rebrand into a project framework and then either the directors would implement the project plan themselves or a service business team member onsite within a preset programme rather than introduce new brand elements randomly, which distracts retail customers.

Group Holding Company

A group holdings company that has a portfolio of various brands with the same business model put an advert online to employ someone for business growth support, property lease renewal and legal administration duties as part of the same employment position.

After a review, what this group company could do is engage an information technology service business to source or develop software for property lease renewals and legal documents. The nature of this company is to acquire other companies therefore the new software platform would have to integrate new acquisitions readily.

An IT service business would know whether an off the shelf software product could be applicable or if custom software is necessary, which they would be able to implement as well as maintain then also upgrade.

The group company could then employ someone specifically for business growth without commercial property lease and legal administrative tasks, which ensures the new employee's primary focus is support. It would also be a far easier position to recruit for and endurable long term with lower employee turnover.

Non-Government Organisation

A non-government organisation with charitable status to help keep people safe receives part government funds for operational maintenance. Recently, this NGO got a grant to provide asset support services for an international event and as part of the grant agreement they will own the new assets outright after the temporary event finishes.

The organisation delegated asset and event coordination responsibility to their National Fleet Manager, which includes asset production for assembly in New Zealand as well as also at the event. 

What the NGO could do instead is engage a service business that puts a team member onsite who has relevant experience to maintain quality with the new asset manufacturer and also ensure everything at the event goes smoothly, so the National Fleet Manager carries on with business as usual activities for the organisation nationwide. The service business team member would bring the National Fleet Manager into the project as support, both with product assembly and then at the event for handover.

Charitable Trust

A non profit organisation with a combination of charitable trusts employed a project coordinator on a set term employment agreement for property service accreditation, which involved interpreting a government department guide document and to prepare for an audit. With an independent audit and verification, the charity would most likely receive additional funds from regulators for other programs as well as they would be the first organisation to receive this particular certificate within New Zealand.

Although the project coordinator did manage to obtain the necessary accreditation result, the trusts could have engaged a service business for support to complete the audit and it also mitigates an inherent expectation from a fixed term employee to extend the employment agreement for longer.

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