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About Your Business.

Engage Pro helps businesses at start, growth and innovation stages as well as to go global for maximum return. We have service providers in markets where you want to be and segments, which have opportunity for growth.

Business Assessments

Previous one-to-one appointments for support.

Company Lifecycle

Four business stages. This is how corporate companies did it. They get good advice, guidance and support right from the start so their ship points in an accurate direction. When they grow, corporate companies develop very good systems and processes. Then they innovate to stay ahead as well as scale worldwide, globally integrated and locally specific.

1. Start

Engage Pro's free assessment is very supportive for businesses at start stage, which includes an impartial perspective and complimentary guidance initially as well as referral to service providers:
• Business Plan
• Marketing Plan
• New Product
• Minimum Viable Product
• Tax  
• Investment Memorandum
• Legal Support  
• Lean Method
• Research and Development
• Brand Creation

2. Growth

Growth could come quickly and if you're not prepared you may experience growing pains unnecessarily, especially when your business has offices or multiple sites nationwide. There are services who provide support with:
• Human Resource
• Management Accountancy 
• Governance
• Information Technology
• Operational Plan
• Online Search
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media
• Health and Safety
• Learn and Develop
• Property Design
• Automation

3. Innovation

Things move quite fast nowdays, perhaps another business has started up or maybe you've bought an existing business so there are also service providers in these areas:
• Project Management  
• Brand Redevelopment
• Graphic Design
• New Product Development
• Digital Technology
• Capital Raise
• Software Development
• Commercialisation
• Public Relations
• Mixed Reality
• Creative Industry
• 3D Visualisation 

4. Global

Export service providers ensure your business doesn't fluctuate, which usually holds exporters back and they provide support for your product to perform on a universal scale. We also have service providers all over the world and right in markets where you want to be now globally, book your free assessment then we'll refer you for an online engagement:
• Exporting
• International Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Cultural Marketing 
• Market and Product Research
• Video Production and Promotion
• Content Writer
• Translation 

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Businesses pay Engage Pro, we deduct 10% from total engagement fee and transfer balance to service providers.