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About Your Company.

Engage Pro helps companies at start, growth and innovation stage as well as to go global for maximum return. We have service businesses in markets where you want to be and segments, which have opportunity for growth.

Company Assessments

Previous one-to-one appointments for referral.

Company Lifecycle

This is how corporate organisations do it, they get good guidance and support so their ship navigates accurately. When they grow, corporate organsations develop very good systems and processes. Then corporate organisations innovate to stay ahead and scale worldwide, globally integrative as well as locally specific.

1. Start

Engage Pro's free assessment coordinators are very supportive with companies at start stage, they give initial guidance and then refer your company to service businesses for:
• Business Plan
• Marketing Plan
• New Product
• Minimum Viable Product
• Government Tax 
• Investment Memorandum
• Legal Support 
• Lean Methodology
• Research and Development
• Brand Creation

2. Growth

Growth could come quickly and if you're not prepared your company may experience growing pains unnecessarily especially with stores, offices and multiple site branches nationwide as well as internationally. There are service businesses that provide support with:
• Human Resource
• Management Accountancy 
• Governance
• Information Technology
• Operational Plan
• Online Search
• Digital Marketing
• Social Media
• Health and Safety
• Learning and Development
• Property Design
• Automation

3. Innovation

Things move quite fast now, perhaps either another company did start up and maybe you've bought an existing company so there are various service businesses to provide support in areas such as for:
• Project Management  
• Brand Redevelopment
• Graphic Design
• New Product Development
• Digital Technology
• Capital Raise
• Software Development
• Commercialisation
• Public Relations
• Mixed Reality
• Creative Industry
• 3D Visualisation
• Internet of Things
• Market Research

4. Global

Specialist exporter service businesses ensure your export company doesn't fluctuate, which usually holds exporters back and they provide support for your product to perform universally. We also have service businesses all over the world and right in regional markets where you want your company to be globally, book your free assessment then we'll refer you for an online engagement worldwide:
• Export
• International Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
• Cross Cultural Marketing 
• Market and Product Research
• Video Production and Promotion
• Copywriting
• Translation

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For service businesses with preset engagement prices, duration term and at least two team members as well as that also pay referral fees.